Alexis Kershner - @lexlexie
"Embarcadero Vertigo" iPhone5
Benjamin Rhau - @brhau
"9th & Irving St." iPhone 5
I think of myself as a serial beginner. I’ve worked as a trader on Wall Street and as a researcher in biophysics. I currently work in digital media, as an editor for a large lifestyle publisher. I took up writing and photography in my late 30s, and it’s completely changed the way I live. I occasionally write about food at Recently, I've become more interested in taking candids and portraits with my iPhone.
Cyrena Hillyard - @cyrenakh
"Potrero Hill Rainy Day" iPhone 4s
David Root - @doobie_howser
"American Dreaming" iPhone 4s
"Cory & LaVonna" iPhone 4s
"Hangin Tough" iPhone 4s
"Norman" iPhone 4s
Dewey Thomas - @deweythomas_sf
"Untitled" iPhone 4s
Dewey Thomas hails originally from Queens, NYC though Dewey's family lived in three states and five towns before finally settling in a small New Jersey borough. A scholarship brought him back to New York City to attend the School of Visual Arts where he majored in media arts. By the end of his third year he was doing freelance illustration for magazines and newspapers including The New York Times. After graduation Dewey continued to expand his client base adding The Boston Globe, CBS Records and Macmillan Publishing among others. After living in various locations throughout the US and Mexico, Dewey finally settled in San Francisco. He accepted a position teaching art at a private studio and then at a local University where he remains today. He continued to keep his hand in illustration adding local clients including California Magazine and North Atlantic books, but once he bought his first iPhone his focus began to switch to mobile photography. Dewey's photos have recently been included in group shows in New York, London and San Francisco. His work was also featured in the ebook companion to the 2013 MacWorld/iWorld seminar titled "iPhonography: The Mobile Masters Sessions." A profile and a portfolio of Dewey's work is scheduled to appear in the Fall 2013 issue of Shooter Magazine. More of his work can be seen at and you can follow him on Instagram @deweythomas_sf. 
Dominic Egan - @domegan
"Perception is a Mirror" iPhone 4s
Virtual darkrooms and labs are available to us through these mobile devices, all in our pocket. I enjoy working with and against the challenges of the device, everything from a sketch, through to a production piece can be created, I encourage all no matter what you shoot* to utilize your phone as much as you can to grab, moments, sketches and audio, create the stories and scenes that work for you. So many opportunities so many stories. 
Elizaveta Savenkova - @lizalizavettas
"#sanfrancisco" iPhone 4
Erik Hansen - @soccerik
"shady." iPhone 4s
Although Erik does not have any formal training in photography, he was drawn to the mobile photography world when he downloaded Instagram in late 2010. Shooting with an iPhone 4S and armed with digital editing apps, he is drawn to the intersection of urbanization and natural beauty that intertwine throughout the city of San Francisco. Erik was raised in the East Bay and has lived in Potrero Hill with his wife since 2005.
Hugo Gomes - @moxxo
I'm a Senior Art Director at AKQA. Born in Lisbon, lived in London and moved to San Francisco. 
I'm not a professional Photographer just a person that believes that the best photos come from spontaneous, impulsive situations. I take my camera all the times with me and it becomes an integral part of my body and soul. 
Ian Dennis - @densf
"Bay Bridge" iPhone 4s
"Chevy" iPhone 4s
Originally from the UK, I moved to San Francisco in 2006 and have been pursuing my interest in photography for more than 25 years. 'iPhoneography' now represents the most significant portion of the photos I now take.
Igor Kocherovsky - @ikbiz1
"Coming to San Francisco" iPhone 5
JennY Yanez - @lightgreenish
"Foggy Bridge to Nowhere" iPhone 4
Jeremy Brooks - @jeremybrooks
"Keep Keep Keep Clear" iPhone 4s
Jeremy Brooks is a software engineer and photographer living and working in the San Francisco Bay Area. When he is not in front of a computer, you can find him behind the lens of a camera documenting the world around him.
Jill Nolen - @leapinglotus
"Lightcase" iPhone 4s
Growing up in Indianapolis, I was inspired by my creative and musically-talented parents, and like them, I turned to artistic endeavors as a way to entertain myself during the long, cold winter season. Initially, I chose tap and jazz dancing as my creative outlet; drawing and painting later followed. Dancing came naturally to me, but I struggled applying pencil, ink, and paint to paper. I could not translate the images in my mind in a manner I was satisfied with which resulted in great frustration with the medium. In 1998, I relocated to San Diego, California, to pursue degrees in healing arts and nursing. While taking a college course in watercolor painting, I took the sound advice of my teacher and bought a camera to capture images I wanted to paint. Unexpectedly, I discovered I could create "paintings" with light and a camera, and thus, my interest in photography was born; it has evolved into a passion I feed daily.  Over the years, I have cultivated an affinity for lines, geometrical shapes, perspective, and the way light strikes my everyday surroundings and creates dramatic shadows.  In particular, I frequent piers, museums, libraries, historic architectural sites, urban settings, parks, and the beloved Salk Institute to find inspiring subjects to photograph. When I am not dancing and taking pictures, I enjoy traveling, learning new languages, cooking, listening to music, and watching documentaries. 
John Curley - @johncurley
"Beach Transit" iPhone 4
"Bridge Transit" iPhone 4
Kate Shay - @justthegritty
"Mission Rider" iPhone 4s
Kate, also known as Details, is a creative director, designer & social media junkie living in #themish. East Coast born, she’s been in SF for about 8 years and loves it more and more each day. You can generally find her romping around the city with her dog named Maybe, the inspiration for her Instagram community @iflmDog and the associated book. She has a BFA from Syracuse University and an MFA in Advertising from the Academy of Art University. Learn more about her at
Kelly Strodl - @kelly4nia
"Semper Vigilans // Prospectum" iPhone 5
I came to the city three years ago looking for a change, and on my first day, I met a man with a tattoo of Lloyd Dobler on his left arm, a stellar smile, and a bottomless heart. I moved here a month later. An Orange County native, former LA Times reporter, and present social media fanatic, I finally made my way north to a city I'd dreamed of living in since childhood. And I began to explore – the streets, parks, the people, homes, alleys, artwork, hilltops, and shopfronts. I found myself chronicling every experience with this new and growing photo app called Instagram. Through my exploration of both the city and mobile photography, I accumulated thousands of images of my experiences and have built new friendships entirely through shared mobile photos. Known more for the bright colors, colorful Victorian homes of the city, and my dog Gambit in my photos – I've more recently been exploring the unique feel of a gray-scale look at things. 
Laura Jean Schuhriemen - @laurabellejean
"Haight & Clayton" iPhone 4
Liz Arellanez - @travelholics
"Passing time in San Francisco" iPhone 4s
I work as a firefighter in Sacramento. My interest in photography started in high school but was put on the back burner until about 10 years ago when I started to travel. Eventually I bought a fancy digital camera that now gathers dust since iPhone and IG. :-)
Manuel Acosta Jr. - @jo0nyer
"House on the Hill #sanfrancisco" iPhone 5
Martin Davis - @bruiser04
"Dichotomy" iPhone 5
Martin has fine tuned his appreciation for architecture and nature through extensive travel and a wide variety of living experiences. He enjoys capturing unique landscape imagery and architectural detail. His most recent photo shoot involves an extraordinary evening with the Northern Lights of Iceland. Contact him if you would like to see!
Matt Maniego - @mattmaniego
"Into the Unkonwn" iPhone 5
I wasn't always a creative artist. I have a degree in Civil Engineering from San Jose State University and was an Engineer for 2 years. I took up photography and video as a hobby, not knowing it was preparing me for my actual career path. In 2010, the economy took a dive and I was one of the many people that got laid off during the recession. I decided to take a break from "Corporate America" and just go out and shoot. I fell in love with it more and more and decided to go full time freelance without looking back. Freelance life does have its ups and downs, but the ups most definitely outweigh the downs. One of the best things about freelancing is that I get to travel for shoots. When I'm not traveling, I like to go on mini adventures here in San Francisco, and my instagram feed is testament to that. I have recently decided to keep my Instagram feed as an artistic outlet, small pieces of my growth in creativity and artistry. I hope to one day be a world renowned Photographer / Film Maker, but for now, my Instagram followers will suffice.
Michelle Oblena - @teamsnake
"875" iPhone 5
"Look Up" iPhone 5
Miriam Weber - @miriweber
"Beloved" iPhone 4
Nimisha Ambati - @clubdinein
"Lovers in the Mist" iPhone5
Nimisha is a published scientist, Holistic Nutritionist, self taught UX designer, and startup founder. Through her blog, Club Dine In, Nimisha shows her passion for a sustainable food system and cooking. Nimisha is an entrepreneur at heart, believes strongly in the importance of loving what you do, and is truly passionate about her work.
Petyr Campos - @petyrc
"The Stare" iPhone 5
"The Agony of Defeat" iPhone 5
A proud Chicagoan currently located in San Francisco, CA. I take pictures of anything that catches my attention. However, I'm frequently drawn to portraits, life in urban settings and concert photography. Iphoneography is my passion and I'm drawn to it because it allows me to take a little piece of the world I see, manipulate it via apps and translate into something new and hopefully creative. I also love having a little darkroom in my pocket that I can take with me wherever I go. I usually create a lot of my images while commuting on public transportation.
Phillip David Yisrael - @p_d_y
"Jan Michael Vincent (surfer)" iPhone 4s
"Jimmy Stewart" iPhone 4s 
I'm an Australian living in Amsterdam. I'm a filmmaker first, focusing on documentary - human interest stories. 
Mobile photography has opened up a world of talent and stories around the world and I'd like to capture those stories on film. 
Ryan Murphy - @ryanmurphy37
"New in Town" iPhone 4s
Ryan is singer who is new to San Francisco by way of New York City, and is originally from Washington DC. Film is his preferred medium, but since having his camera stolen while on stage, he has enjoyed exploring his digital options! His girlfriend, Nikki, is his favorite subject to shoot. 
Samantha Pickertts - @ravenreviews
"Lost in Transit" Samsung Galaxy S2
Suzan Kaplan - @suzanz
"Same as it Ever Was" iPhone 4s
Tania Medeiros - @tania_medeiros
"Not Alone" iPhone 5
Vasiliy Zhuravlyov - @pigga
"Skydarks" iPhone 4
Zach Woolford - @zjwoolf
"Blocked" iPhone 4
I consider myself to be a visual creator, whether through graphic layouts on a screen, an eye behind a lens, a stroke of acrylic on canvas or words on paper. Originally from the Midwest, I lived in NYC for 6 years, a short stint in LA and have recently relocated to San Francisco. In the last year, I started my own business for branding and marketing for new small businesses and am looking to invest more time into photography.